Durian may be one of the smelliest fruits in the world, but it is known as the ‘King of fruits’ across Asia due to its large size, crown-like thorns and delicious taste.

As the demand for durian is rising around the world, Agroforestry Group’s (AFG) Musang King Durian programme in Malaysia has become one of the organisation’s leading businesses. Increasing demand is due to international markets becoming more familiar with durian, particularly in Australia, North America and Europe. This made Musang King durian extremely profitable when exported, with the selling price up to ten times larger than when sold domestically in Malaysia. As a result, the Agroforestry Groups ownership programme was created to target more profitable international markets.

Agroforestry Group

Agroforestry Group is proactively engaged across the entire industry, also focusing on agarwood also known as Aquilaria, managed by AFG Agarwood, a Malaysian Sdn Bhd plantation management company. In addition to specialised Aquilaria plantations aimed at reforestation, AFG uses Aquilaria trees as intercrops across its durian plantations, yielding high-quality herbal tea and coffee.

Agroforestry Group is a registered company in Malaysia through the SSM, and is led by CEO Paul Martin. He brings the group a plethora of knowledge and skills from his past work in financial businesses across Asia. He has substantial financial sector expertise, having worked as a stockbroker and a thriving market trader in the City of London for 12 years. Eight other core team members are behind him, including Daud bin Jaffar as AFG Director, a Malaysian native with over 30 years of expertise in insurance for individual, corporate, and government clients. He has substantial expertise in various businesses, having served as a director and shareholder in multiple firms in the logistics, construction, medical, publishing, and food industries. Mr Jaffar aids the group in its transactions with appropriate governmental authorities through his established network of contacts.

Agroforestry Group comprises various subsidiaries and affiliated firms that specialise in multiple elements of its operations. AFG collaborates with municipal and corporate partners such as banks, colleges, and regulatory organisations. Agroforestry Group Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong, is AFG’s primary asset holding company, which houses their plantation assets, such as land and structures. Agroforestry Group Limited also issues land leasing agreements to their clients and other affiliated firms.

​​AFG recently faced some ‘Agroforestry Group scam‘ comments online. It was found that competitors fabricated negative reviews and employed deceitful marketing practices to harm Agroforestry Groups’ reputation. As a result, AFG has publicly encouraged existing and future investors to exercise extreme caution when dealing with similar businesses. They have also published a list of safety criteria on their website for evaluating businesses, warning them of phishing and blackmail sites.

Visit the Agroforestry Group website to learn more and start investing in durian now.

PUMA, the top sports activities company on earth, takes in creativity from sports activities and fashions to create the very best sportswear to find the best players, regardless of sporting activities action. With 14,000 staff members throughout the world, PUMA has become constantly moved as a trendsetter and innovator in product or service design and style in the past 70 years, as can be seen in their stability running shoes.


PUMA’s Timeline

In 1919, the Dassler Siblings began their footwear production line inside their parents’ residence, which expanded and progress to be the globe-renowed PUMA right now. Ever since Jesse Owens sported Dassler spikes and earned four precious metal medals through the 1936 Olympic Games, the emblem got acquired notoriety. In up coming planet sports events, far more players have been seen wearing PUMA shoes and clothing, making a worldwide track record of the emblem.

PUMA Sports activities: Performance & Leisure time

Always be centered on the playing area with PUMA’s stylish sportswear and durable devices. PUMA sportswear is made for teamsports, the game of golf, baseball as well as when you’re going for a time-out. Associated with the proper products from PUMA, prepare yourself to pounce on the enjoying area with improved overall performance.

Paving The Way In Which For Any Enviromentally friendly World

PUMA views sustainability being a procedure for recognising and boosting parts of weakness to be able to reach typical targets, comparable to the way that they experience athletics. PUMA looks for to give about change via fashion and sportswear by enhancing on interpersonal and ecological troubles where they have got one of the most effect, like Plastic & Oceans, Circularity, Biodiversity, as well as others.

PUMA Creativity: Be In Front Of The Game

PUMA seeks to continually deliver much better and unique improvements to athletics for activity shifting sportsmen. Back 1984, the RS Computer Footwear was developed within the PUMA Operating Business in which the group leveraged on computer systems to make better running sneakers. Today, PUMA proceeds tinkering with electronic modern technology to give out the very best in sportsmen.

PUMA #Reform

Throughout the years, PUMA has collaborated with players and ambassadors that have talked in favour of equality for those. By motivating pursuits that lead to true modify for example studying the problems, and contributing to and supporting groupings and projects, PUMA leverages their system to assist in getting about alter.

From its humble beginning of selling infant food and condensed milk in 1866 Switzerland, Nestle has grown to become a household name we know today. With over 2000 brands and food products, Dear Nestle was introduced. Featuring recipes, ongoing events and other exclusive members’ content from the many different Nestle brands and products. Cook up a plate of gulab jamun, roti jala and many more.

Dear Nestle

Delicious recipes on Dear Nestle

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Find out on current events of your favourite Nestle products

With all the different brands and products Nestle has to offer, it can get a little tough to keep up with their latest contests and events. With Dear Nestle you will not miss out on any of the latest happenings by having all the current events and contests on one site for your easy perusal.

Your Healthy Journey Starts Now

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy when you have an arsenal of useful information available to read. On Dear Nestle, you can find articles on helpful facts, guides and tips on healthy living. Read and share to increase your knowledge on improving your health with others as anyone could benefit from these articles.

The Story Of Nestle’s Product

Nescafe has gotten its name from combining the first 3 letters of Nestle and the word cafe. Nescafe started in 1938 as a result of the Wall Street Crash that led to a surplus of coffee beans. Max Morgenthaler, a coffee specialist, and his team worked tirelessly to create the instant coffee we know and love today.

Keep up with Nestle on Dear Nestle

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