Common Ground: Redefining Working

Common Ground began operating in 2017. Subsequently, they’ve grown continuously to include places in three countries, including Thailand also, the Philippines. Common Ground provides private office space, shared office rental, fixed desk, and virtual office. Common Ground also won an award for Best Coworking Space in 2019.

If working at home becomes boring or makes it a hardship to separate your projects from life, look at a desk within a coworking space! The key benefits of a coworking space add that it gives you some composition on your day so that you can keep operating behind if you leave the area and genuinely loosen up in your house.

An individual office at Common Ground will give you the best of both worlds- the opportunities to network plus the private space to get work done. Your office is completely yours- you can access it 24/7, and it is also lockable. We also give you an appreciation of 12 hours for any meeting rooms, and there are special discounts accessible for our events.

Common Ground

Relieve the anxiety of meeting monthly payments by renting a workplace. Renting is less costly, but without worrying regarding the financial records, you may concentrate on what’s truly important- expanding your company. Developing a rented space also makes it much simpler to allow for a varying variety of employees.

Having a fixed table at Common Ground is a great profit for modest start-ups and teams- no tension about leasing an enormous space and overpaying. Fixed desks give you all the talents of an open-working environment, as well as many networking benefits. Appreciation 5 hours access to our meeting rooms is included, and printing services.

In addition to our fixed desk and personal office bundles, we also give a virtual office option for those who are always on the go or prefer working from home. Using the virtual office, you will get mail handling services plus a premium business address. There are marked down rates on workspaces and conference rooms at any one of our venues.

Check the Common Ground site to find out about the huge benefits that come with all of our packages! Don’t feel like you need to dedicate right away either- you can book an evaluation run to discover how office space matches your needs. Visit to reserve an occasion and placement that actually works best for your needs.

RHB MY: Our History and Philosophy

Since 1999, RHB provides wide-ranging and ideal services to all its patrons. RHB Banking Group MY is the fourth leading financial services group in Malaysia. RHB has also won many accolades concerning their work, such as the Bursa Excellence Awards, FinanceAsia, and many more. RHB’s services are centred on three areas: personal, business, and Islamic banking.

Records and Deposits at RHB

Opening an account with RHB is simple. We certainly have various account types to suit your requirements, from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts. Our credit card services can also be adaptable and suited to any type of lifestyle. If you are intent to shopping for an insurance plan or applying for a loan, RHB has eye-catching functions at your fingertips.

Increasing Your Riches With RHB

Furthermore, boost you to take steps to grow your own personal riches only at RHB. From personal retirement plan plans to stock options trading products, there are many options to select from! Our remittance services permit you to send money in a foreign currency at competitive rates. Protecting this wealth is important- that’s why now we have numerous safe deposit box alternatives available for you to help keep important documents.

RHB Organization Accounts

If you want a loan, RHB features a range of solutions and settlement packages offered. Opening a company account with RHB is effortless. People need to deposit RM3000, while sole traders down payment RM1000. This will allow you to target your project without worrying about relating to your bank. RHB’s insurance option is also great for an enterprise at any stage of advancement.

RHB Enterprise Banking Solutions

Grow your organization toward the full capability with RHB’s enterprise banking alternatives! From investment choices to our SME knowledge centre, RHB is not only just your bank but besides your business companion. Along with funding, we’ve got trade services for both your import and export requires.

Islamic Banking Possibilities at RHB

Islamic banking is just limited to Muslim customers; non-muslim customers are very welcome to apply likewise. Traditional banking is a lot more dedicated to interest rates to obtain earnings, while Islamic banking follows Shariah laws and puts both borrowers and lender first. Islamic banking’s main advantages are primarily moral- it can help both sides, regardless of what prosperity you may have.

Advantages of RHB Now Banking

Internet banking is now more vital than in the past within our modern times. This is why we now have to get RHB Now Banking, a service given that helps you securely check your account balance, transfer money, or simply pay your bills all from your ease and comfort of your very own phone or laptop.

Why Decide on RHB?

Join the RHB family for your financial needs! There is something for anyone here, from private to business needs. Along with our versatile and various selections, you can make the most effective choices for your future. RHB has the benefit of in-depth customer service for every issue you may appear all over. Find out about RHB at

About Us

Amway MY is a worldwide company under AMWAY Group, formed and formed in 1976. Since its base in Malaysia, Amway had several awards, such as the BrandLaureate Award for 2006-2007. Many Malaysians consider Amway to be selecting high-quality consumer goods for natural supplements, personal care products, water filter and household items.

Our Beauty Line

In search of skincare products to complete your plan? Amway Beauty has anything from skincare items and beauty products to electronic beauty tools to keep you looking sparkling all day long. Smell good with Amway presenting of fragrance, the Studio Tokyo Edition Fragrance Mist. Additionally, there are beauty accessories by Amway for a hassle-free routine.

Personal Care Products by Amway

Amway’s catalogue of personal care items includes body wash and organic gel. For proper hair care, Amway sells several shampoo and conditioner with an excellent formula. Get healthier and stronger gums and teeth with their advanced toothbrushes and toothpaste. Get the best child care for your children with the brand’s kids’ shower gels and toothpaste.

Amway Malaysia

Nutrition and Health from Amway

Widespread health and fitness important from Amway are definitely the soy protein drinks. Parents likewise prefer chewable vitamin C for their children’s wellbeing. For adults, the bee pollen and Coenzyme Q10 Supplement has numerous health and wellness advantages. Need to enhance your immunity? Then the Phytopowder beverage crystals are just the product to suit your needs.

Home Living Products

You can get air treatment programs from Amway for fresher air at your house! Pristine water to drink can be possible with your eSpring Water Treatment while cooking food is now competent with our QUEEN cookware products. Cleaners and bleaches are laundry care products for you, alongside dish care products and concentrated washing liquid.

Energise with Energy Drinks by Amway.

Look into XS, Amway’s personalized line of energy drinks with less sugar to help you increase your energy healthily! Many tastes can be purchased in XS, ranging from citrus to berry flavours. Over the years, XS has enhanced internationally, being released at 57 markets across the world. Enjoy XS drinks by Amway now as single cans or maybe in a pack of six.

Why You Ought To Choose Amway

Choose Amway today for top-tier health and wellbeing products. We now have formulated all of them with an organic and natural formulation based upon scientific research and technology for household items that may increase your living high quality at your home. Hence, taking in quite a lot of products from Amway could tremendously improve your well-being and life.

Why Malaysians Require Amway?

All Malaysians have a chance to consume high-quality products with Amway. Our personal beauty, water filter and health goods fill individuals’ requirements, while other pursuits serve such a whole family needs. That is why Amway is crucial for Malaysians from all demographics once we have everything they require for better health and lifestyle.