World’s Famous Coffee Destinations & Their Signature Coffee Drink

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Cappuccino in Trieste, Italy

Italy has a long history of coffee culture, with Venice being one of the first European ports to import coffee beans in the 16th century. Coffee shops around the nation became a place for social activities, political discussions and many more. In a country where coffee culture is a serious past-time and has its own set of etiquettes and customs, having access to quality coffee is not difficult. Coffee in Italy is served and consumed on-site — in small, intricate cups. Water and milk are not used intentionally to inflate coffee sizes to make us feel that we are getting more for our buck.

Fill up a cup with one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third milk foam and you’ll get Italy’s most famous coffee — the espresso. This drink is served in small rounded cups and is usually consumed with a pastry on the side for breakfast. The espresso was invented in the early 20th century by someone named Bezzera. He came up with the idea of forcing pressurized water through a handful of coffee powder to produce a concentrated drink: the espresso. This drink can be prepared expressly and the water had to be pumped through the coffee at an express speed. 

Nescafe MY

Flat White in Melbourne, Australia

Who can think about Melbourne without thinking about coffee? Innovative, refined and fresh — Melbourne’s coffee culture stands out from the rest. It is all about retaining the authentic flavours with innovative coffee brewing styles like nitro-brew and cold-dripping. As a generation of Italian and Greek migrants brought their European-style espresso machines to Australia after World War II, the espresso boom of the 1950s, coffee drinking soon became a way of life. Since the 2000s, the Melbourne coffee scene has evolved into a unique cultural process and art form.

A flat white has the same number of espresso shots and might look similar to a latte, and their difference lies in the texture of the drink’s added milk. The type of milk used to make a flat white is an untextured milk, which is steamed milk with no air incorporated, resulting in a drink with little or no froth. In addition, the flat white has less of a “head” which means no frothy milk foam on top of the drink, hence the term “flat”. Latte lovers might find the flat white lacking creaminess without the milk foam, but the flat white does have a tasty, velvety texture to it. 

White Coffee in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh’s coffee culture has a nostalgic yet unique laidback charm to it. This is a place where the old and new meet — a fusion of traditional kopitiams and contemporary cafes that creates a unique, laid back vibe for urbanites and tourists alike. The iconic Ipoh white coffee is still widely enjoyed in many old-styled kopitiams together with toast bread and soft boiled eggs, a traditional breakfast affair that you will not want to miss! 

Coffee is an indigenous culinary invention by the migrant population during the colonial era. Characterised by its signature nutty and robust flavour and velvety texture, white coffee is a cup of pale brown-coloured coffee topped with creamy foam. Locals coined the name “white coffee” due to its unique way of roasting and brewing that gives the drink a lighter shade. Compared to black coffee roasted with margarine and sugar, white coffee is roasted only with margarine at low temperatures, which gives it a lighter hue and a fragrant aftertaste.


A good breakfast consists of a well-balanced cup of creamy and aromatic white coffee with a rich layer of foam, together with kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs. Have your breakfast the Kopitiam way — start your day right with a cup of NESCAFE white coffee for a traditional breakfast affair! Available in conveniently packed sachets, savour the creaminess and comforting flavours of the white coffee anytime and anywhere. 

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