RHB MY: Our Background and Worth

Even though RHB Banking Group MY was formed in 1999, our bank has been serving the Malaysian citizenry for nearly A hundred years! RHB’s main products are its personal banking, organization banking, online credit card and Islamic banking services. Besides that, we also provide insurance packages, investment, and property administration services. We’ve won various honours for our work, for instance, the Asset Triple A Regional Awards, and a lot more.

Individual Banking with RHB

Opening a bank account with RHB is straightforward. We’ve got various account types to suit your needs, from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts. Our credit card expertise will also be adaptable and suitable for virtually any lifestyle. If you’re considering obtaining insurance policies or applying for a loan, RHB has beautiful alternatives at your fingertips.

Investing with RHB

We also stimulate you to definitely take steps to develop your individual success here at RHB. From private retirement schemes to trading and investing products, there are lots of options to choose from! Our remittance services allow you to send money international at competitive rates. Protecting this wealth is important- that is why we’ve various safe deposit box alternatives for you to help keep important documents.

RHB Bank

RHB Loans for Enterprises

RHB gives swift and efficient accounts and deposits support for business owners- open a business account in barely one day! The upfront deposit for sole traders is RM1000, while for companies, it really is RM3000. We’ve got an incredible variety of loans available for all style of entrepreneurs, large or small. Our insurance policy solutions also enable you to protect your online business and workforce.

Business enterprise Banking Methods at RHB

Grow your enterprise to its full potential with RHB’s business banking strategies! From investment choices to our SME knowledge centre, RHB is not only just your bank, and your organization associate. In addition to the expense, we also have trade services for both your import and export wants.

Islamic Financial Possibilities at RHB

Here at RHB, we have been committed to providing premium Islamic banking services to all or any of our clients that want it. Some advantages of owning an Islamic Banking account are the incontrovertible fact that your payments won’t be compounded, in contrast to a standard bank account. If you’re a non-Muslim, that you’re very welcome to request an Islamic account as well!

How to Use RHB Now Banking?

With RHB Now Banking, you can view all your accounts from a phone itself. You can also send money or make transfers effortlessly. You can forget long lines at the bank; now you can access banking account everywhere you go on the planet! Just download it off your phone’s app store and find set up with many of the quick guides on our website.

Reasons You Need To Choose RHB

Want to do your consumer banking without fuss or hassle? RHB is the bank available for you. Together with our variable solutions, you can handle all of your business banking needs in a single place! Our consultants and customer care department are also offered to answer any questions you might have. Take a look at RHB’s website for additional information on online credit card: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.