Cappuccino in Trieste, Italy

Italy has a long history of coffee culture, with Venice being one of the first European ports to import coffee beans in the 16th century. Coffee shops around the nation became a place for social activities, political discussions and many more. In a country where coffee culture is a serious past-time and has its own set of etiquettes and customs, having access to quality coffee is not difficult. Coffee in Italy is served and consumed on-site — in small, intricate cups. Water and milk are not used intentionally to inflate coffee sizes to make us feel that we are getting more for our buck.

Fill up a cup with one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third milk foam and you’ll get Italy’s most famous coffee — the espresso. This drink is served in small rounded cups and is usually consumed with a pastry on the side for breakfast. The espresso was invented in the early 20th century by someone named Bezzera. He came up with the idea of forcing pressurized water through a handful of coffee powder to produce a concentrated drink: the espresso. This drink can be prepared expressly and the water had to be pumped through the coffee at an express speed. 

Nescafe MY

Flat White in Melbourne, Australia

Who can think about Melbourne without thinking about coffee? Innovative, refined and fresh — Melbourne’s coffee culture stands out from the rest. It is all about retaining the authentic flavours with innovative coffee brewing styles like nitro-brew and cold-dripping. As a generation of Italian and Greek migrants brought their European-style espresso machines to Australia after World War II, the espresso boom of the 1950s, coffee drinking soon became a way of life. Since the 2000s, the Melbourne coffee scene has evolved into a unique cultural process and art form.

A flat white has the same number of espresso shots and might look similar to a latte, and their difference lies in the texture of the drink’s added milk. The type of milk used to make a flat white is an untextured milk, which is steamed milk with no air incorporated, resulting in a drink with little or no froth. In addition, the flat white has less of a “head” which means no frothy milk foam on top of the drink, hence the term “flat”. Latte lovers might find the flat white lacking creaminess without the milk foam, but the flat white does have a tasty, velvety texture to it. 

White Coffee in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh’s coffee culture has a nostalgic yet unique laidback charm to it. This is a place where the old and new meet — a fusion of traditional kopitiams and contemporary cafes that creates a unique, laid back vibe for urbanites and tourists alike. The iconic Ipoh white coffee is still widely enjoyed in many old-styled kopitiams together with toast bread and soft boiled eggs, a traditional breakfast affair that you will not want to miss! 

Coffee is an indigenous culinary invention by the migrant population during the colonial era. Characterised by its signature nutty and robust flavour and velvety texture, white coffee is a cup of pale brown-coloured coffee topped with creamy foam. Locals coined the name “white coffee” due to its unique way of roasting and brewing that gives the drink a lighter shade. Compared to black coffee roasted with margarine and sugar, white coffee is roasted only with margarine at low temperatures, which gives it a lighter hue and a fragrant aftertaste.


A good breakfast consists of a well-balanced cup of creamy and aromatic white coffee with a rich layer of foam, together with kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs. Have your breakfast the Kopitiam way — start your day right with a cup of NESCAFE white coffee for a traditional breakfast affair! Available in conveniently packed sachets, savour the creaminess and comforting flavours of the white coffee anytime and anywhere. 

Bring a piece of Ipoh’s culinary delight back home by grabbing a pack of NESCAFE’s white coffee at today!

Guide To IKEA

Once a small venture inside the small town of Älmhult, Sweden, IKEA is now one of several world’s greatest-known properties redecorating brands. IKEA includes the idea of ‘democratic Acoustic panels design’ to maximise merchandise functionality and offer inexpensive home furnishing for all. It was actually granted the GOOD DESIGN honour in 2018, an exclusive award for design brilliance.

The Latest and The Best-selling IKEA Goods

Build a festive frame of mind inside your household with cutleries and festive accessories from IKEA’s most recent SOLGLIMTAR Constrained Collection! Explore the IKEA series for additional design suggestions and furniture creativity for several living areas. Learn the flexibility and functionality of IKEA Malaysia’s bestsellers– the KARLSTAD 2-seat settee and GLADOM holder table.

Create Your Ideal Residence With IKEA

Curate functional yet cosmetic living areas with IKEA’s furnishings and family add-ons. Getting organised and cosy living quarters is essential for personal wellbeing. Love an indulging house hot tub session with IKEA’s toiletries, deluxe bath towels and shower area sets, then drift into a great night’s sleeping with IKEA’s cosy mattresses and bedroom pillows.


Get Encouraged By IKEA Suggestions

IKEA Suggestions provide an innovative way of living and layout techniques for your living spaces for the bedroom, kitchen and family room. Generate useful regions utilizing simple components, including drapes and wallpapers to make a soft divider, or figure out how to build a hot, cosy surrounding to your dining room using technological colour permutations.

Require Assistance? IKEA’s Support Is Ready For You Personally

On-line organizing providers are around for accommodating cooking area program METOD, PAX closet permutations and television furniture sets BESTA. IKEA’s organizing professionals offer design and style advice according to your requirements, assisting you to make your ideal house possible. Seek specialist decor providers via e-mail on your recommended IKEA stores.

Savour on Festive Deals and Traditional Staples

Usher within the new year of the Lunar Calendar with festive deals from IKEA Bistro! IKEA’s CNY food selection offers mandarin orange-inspired sweets, principal programs, and fairly sweet treats like citrus shakes and chocolate orange desserts. You can also try out vintage staples, for example, the Swedish meatballs and chicken wings, for something savoury.

Pay a visit to IKEA Malaysia Merchants Nowadays

Buy online on IKEA’s application and have things transported to your front door, or pay a visit to our stores at Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau and Batu Kawan. The IKEA application provides you with details about the latest merchandise, special offers and also in-store occasions. Visit our website before in-retailer appointments for up to date running time as our functions vary as outlined by guidelines.

Shop IKEA For Your Personal Ideal Residence

Globally renowned for their inexpensive and practical home furnishing Acoustic panels, IKEA maintains a bother-cost-free, revolutionary strategy to its functions and fashions. IKEA has continuously presented good quality goods and services for customers around the world. Clients can store at IKEA anytime and anywhere, in-retailer and internet-based.

Internet Marketing Via Emperikal’S Perspective

In modern technology, social networking, and the internet, organisations today must think about their online marketing options- have you considered Emperikal? With creative agency Malaysia at Emperikal, we can easily help you focus your time and effort on receiving the highest yields and ensure that the spending budget has the most significant influence.

Emperikal began its work in the online marketing industry in 2017 and possesses grown exceptionally to become a company with a comprehensive and considerable array of services. You may choose among SEO, Consulting, Performance Marketing, Social Media, Web Development, and others. With one of these services, you may harness the market industry in your favour.

To present your business with that additional edge over competitors, it is critical to have a very in-depth SEO plan. With Emperikal, we can easily deliver the finest SEO outcomes that assist grow your organization through SEO strategies. We conduct aggressive research, SEO links to audit, and topical research, all to help keep you before the curve.


Here at Emperikal, you will find both web design along web development services. Both kinds of services aim to produce your organization that has a clear brand and enhance your blog for the public. Throughout the whole approach, we’ll be there to assist you and modify your website for your ideal idea.

With Emperikal’s effective marketing services, we could help you achieve better results on your limited budget. Using our search engine marketing and contextual and display advertising services, you will see the prompt impact and much more effective strategies, which result in indefinite and substantial results.

Creating a unique and stunning design is necessary for any small business to stand out from its competitors. Emperikal will help you construct your logo and indulge a larger potential audience. Through our glorious designs and artistic concepts, you’ll be able to get quick and impactful effects.

If you’re planning on starting a social network campaign, Emperikal will be there for you at every stage. From researching and discovering to making the posts and then finally, accomplishing the campaign, we will lead you to get the best results. Emperikal could also help you measure and improve your results.

Emperikal offers complete and flexible content marketing services for your business. Our content team conducts research on niche topics, potential customer behaviours, and other essential content types to produce blog articles and other types of content to provide your viewers with the ideal information and facts available.

Choose Emperikal for your creative agency Malaysia needs! We help you bring your business to greater and better levels by expanding your viewers and creating your brand image. Head to our website,, for additional details on what selections are available and to get in touch.

Overview of CAB

The Central Administration Bureau (CAB) supplies centralised website-structured methods to enhance facultative reinsurance and coinsurance effectiveness. Maintained from the Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad, CAB Malaysia solves reconciliation problems, simplifies recovery promises and harmony payout for members. Its workplace is located in Damansara Heights. It recognized its 25th wedding anniversary in 2020.

CAB’s Corporate and business Construction

CAB’s Table is presided by a Chairman, with board associates comprised of a PIAM consultant, a permanent Malaysian Re fellow member and four supervisory board members —managing more than 70 community and overseas insurance business stakeholders. For interior procedures, the Assistant (Bureau Director) oversees the CAB Functioning Team. At the same time, an Operation Head sales opportunities the two Financing Model and IT Device.

CAB’s Products and Services

Keeping track of reconciliation payments might be difficult in the insurance sector because of the time-rigorous processing method. With all functional expenses jointly backed by CAB members, the CABFAC and CABCO have been established to help the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance sector decrease reconciliation concerns, handle on-time balance settlements and promises recovery.

CAB Malaysia

The CABFAC Process

CAB’s online-structured Facultative Reinsurance Program comprises the provide unit, underwriting, state, and reporting elements. Additionally, it is Asia’s first electronic digital platform for your facultative reinsurance business’s administration and resolution. The main insurance company acquire coverage to cover their business from one or possibly prevent threats.

Comprehending the CABCO Method

Pursuing the achievements of the CABFAC system, the Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) designed a centralised CAB Coinsurance Method (CABCO) that runs parallel towards the former. Coinsurance is definitely the joints challenge of threat between numerous insurance carriers. The CABCO program consists of an underwriting unit, claim module and revealing module to help smoother transactions.

CAB Account Rewards

Gain an organization benefit from CAB’s efficient electronic digital ecosystem. The typical procedures and obvious suggestions help in a more readily available resolution for facultative reinsurance and coinsurance functions. A 1-off signing up for free of MYR41,465 and an annual fee of MYR 7,195 is necessary for insurance policy and takaful operators. At the same time, brokerages spend an MYR1,500 annual fee along with an MYR50 monthly fee.

Who Might be a Participant?

Be described as a CAB member today, change your facultative reinsurance and co-insurance enterprise, and make arrangement promises less complicated through a streamlined web-dependent program. Insurers and reinsurers, takaful and retakaful operators, offshore and native reinsurers and brokers are encouraged to get accounts. A lot of our members incorporate RHB Insurance coverage and Berjaya Sompo Insurance.

Become a CAB Member

CAB was introduced in 1995 to supply a solution for time-taking in facultative supervision and reconciliation transaction slowdowns, several of the insurance policy industry’s main troubles. CAB Malaysia has maintained a trusted and protected website-structured foundation for the clients for twenty-five years, assuring the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance industry’s productivity.

Introducing IKEA

Hailing from the town of Älmhult, Sweden, IKEA has become one of the world’s greatest-recognized house decorating brand names. IKEA’s business quest is usually to provide inexpensive and functional residence decorating for those by incorporating the idea of ‘democratic meja makan moden design’ into its merchandise. The manufacturer was granted the great DESIGN prize in 2018 for the innovative products.

IKEA’s Most recent Kick off and Bestsellers

IKEA Malaysia’s most up-to-date SOLGLIMTAR Restricted Assortment is unveiled to the Lunar New 12 months. Add more of a bit of celebration for your household with things from the SOLGLIMTAR series, or be motivated together with the several design tips on IKEA Range. Identify the possible layout combos with our bestsellers– the KARLSTAD 2-seat furniture and GLADOM tray table.

Curate Your Spots With IKEA

Your living areas perform an important position in private wellness; allow it to be practical and cosy with IKEA’s furniture and family add-ons. Convert your bathrooms to a home hot tub with IKEA’s storage, luxurious bath towels and shower room sets for that additional spoiling, and have an excellent night’s sleeping with IKEA’s comfortable mattresses and lightings for your bedroom.


Get Encouraged By IKEA Tips

Get encouraged by IKEA Ideas on how to individual huge locations into small practical places with IKEA’s window curtains and shades, or learn how to move the climate with a mix of furniture pieces and play around with colour tones. Make use of making complete utilization of a lot of places at home with IKEA furniture and accessories.

Require Assistance? IKEA’s Help Is Prepared For You Personally

IKEA Malaysia provides internet preparation services for METOD kitchen, PAX wardrobes and BESTA storage space remedies. According to your requirements, IKEA’s design specialists advise various clothing collection storage space spots and television screen alternatives. To look for specialist evaluation, e-mail your chosen IKEA stores for more information.

Enjoy Standard And Joyful Food products From IKEA

Come to IKEA cafe and try out festive special offers from the new food list! The specifically curated food list includes mandarin oranges as the major meals ingredient. Discover our food list for classic favourites such as the Swedish meatballs and newly released veggie balls for a healthier alternative. If you want a swift treat, decline by IKEA Cafe for desserts and drinks.

IKEA Stores In Malaysia

Shop online on IKEA’s software and acquire goods shipped to your doorstep, or go to our stores at Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau and Batu Kawan. The IKEA app gives you information about the most up-to-date goods, special offers and then in-shop occasions. Please pay a visit to our website before in-retailer appointments for up-to-date working hours as our procedures change based on rules.

Retail outlet IKEA For Your Personal Best Residence

IKEA is internationally well-known for its wide range of cost-effective and sensible high-quality products. Keeping a simplified yet innovative method of their styles, IKEA has acquired its international status like a brand that offers useful merchandise for our own daily life. Browse the wide range of household meja makan moden furniture and household items at IKEA shops nowadays.

Insurance is a smart investment inside your long term. It may safeguard both you and your family members from incidents and deficits through monetary assist. Using its flexible and comprehensive policies, AIG Malaysia is not merely one of Malaysia’s greatest comprehensive insurance policy organizations; however, it is also your best option for your insurance needs.

Wherever you are in everyday life, AIG Malaysia offers your back to age group or bodily location. AIG gives four main personalized insurance coverage: home, automobile, vacation, and personal crash insurance. These insurance policies could be customized to every individual in addition to their loved ones, and our coverage monthly premiums are very cost-effective.

Contemplating travelling locally or in foreign countries? Consider getting one of AIG’s vacation insurance coverages. Some rewards incorporate health-related and private incident cover, thorough insurance, vacation cancellation protection, and any travel annoyance you could experience.

AIG Malaysia

Sensing harmless and protected at your home is important to everybody, but sometimes unanticipated situations occur. A number of the benefits associated with getting protected by AIG’s Home Insurance policies incorporate exchanging the old goods with new things in disasters or robbery.

AIG’s Auto Insurance policies ensure that both you and your vehicle are shielded from incidents, robbery or fireplaces. We certainly have several versatile ideas for our own customers, and our claims are simple and fast to help make, with fast reply instances. Additionally, AIG could also cover your financial obligations towards other celebrations if necessary.

With Personal Crash Insurance coverage, you may need dietary supplements or any other insurance policy you could now have. You might be entitled to a one-time payment with individual automobile accident insurance coverage and can state against several insurance policies. This policy comes along with 24/7, around the world coverage, so you’re shielded whenever and wherever you happen to be.

Put together for the future ahead with AIG Malaysia’s extensive and versatile insurance coverage. From automobile insurance to personalized incident insurance, with AIG’s number of goods and procedures, you may determine which goods will continue to work well for you. Head over to our website for more information about comprehensive insurance:

Guidelines To Create And Nurture Your Small Business On The Internet In Malaysia

In the time of technology, social media, and the internet, organisations today have to consider their online marketing options- considered Emperikal? With digital marketing agency KL at Emperikal, we can assist you in focusing your efforts on receiving the highest yields and making certain that the spending budget has got the largest influence.

Emperikal is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and wishes to help make long-lasting connections involving the small business and your target market. There are many providers for you to select from, including Web Development, SEO, Consulting, Creative Services, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, and more.

To offer what you are promoting that additional edge over opponents, it’s important to have a pervasive SEO plan. Right here at Emperikal, we can deliver you the best SEO final results and help increase your small business through SEO strategies. We conduct competing research, SEO links to audit, and topical research, all to help keep you ahead of the curve.


Emperikal offers solutions into two vital elements for any business: web page design and web development services. For web design, we try to present an immersive brand experience. Furthermore, we’ll help you develop and shape your website in a responsive, beneficial experience for customers for our website development services.

Suppose you are seeking a firm that can help you with search engine marketing as well as contextual and banner ads, look at Emperikal! Our promotions are conducted after rigorous research and can target people depending on their interest in the products. From copy to visible aspects, we can improve your influence.

Through Emperikal’s creative services, your online marketing needs are in safe hands. Our creative team can assist a variety of programs and size or scope is not a worry. Holding people engaged is difficult, which is why our swift development processes and artistic designs will allow you to adhere to the game’s surface.

Emperikal’s social media marketing services are created to deliver enduring results. We manage your online community marketing campaign from beginning to end and might assist in web design, art direction, and content creation. We also follow through after execution to analyse and enhance your results.

Content marketing is important in building sustained connections with all your audience and supplying facts beyond simple marketing in a world crammed with info and noise. Emperikal supplies various content marketing services, together with online articles, social media posts, and newsletters.

Choose Emperikal for all of your digital marketing agency KL needs! We allow you to bring your business to greater and better heights through expanding your potential customers and building your brand image. Head to our website, to learn more about what alternatives are available and call us.

About It Brand

Amway is one of the top 10 performing affiliates under the international AMWAY Group, starting in Malaysia in 1976. Because it is humble beginnings, Amway has earned the BrandLaureate Award for 2006-2007. For many Malaysians, the brand is the first selection while looking for products, for example, dietary supplements, personal care, engine oil and house equipment.

Our Beauty Line

In search of beauty products to complete your routine? Amway Beauty has everything from skincare items and makeup products to automated beauty gadgets to maintain you looking bright all day. Smell nice with Amway presenting of scent, the Studio Tokyo Edition Fragrance Mist. There are also beauty products by Amway for the hassle-free program.

Our Personal Care Items

Take care of yourself with the brochure of body care goods like natural gel and body wash. Hair shampoos and conditioners are also available by Amway to enhance your hair’s wellbeing. Provide your oral care with a boost with Amway’s high-quality toothbrushes and toothpaste. Our high-quality shampoos and toothpaste for youngsters are secure and efficient products for your kids.

Amway Malaysia

Nutrition & Wellness Products by Amway

Together with our essentials, for instance, the soy protein product, your health and wellness might be maintained. Get your kids our chewable vitamin C as it is a favourite parents’ decision for kids wellbeing. Adults can enjoy our bee pollen product’s advantages and the Coenzyme Q10 Supplement for general health. To strengthen your body’s defence mechanism, you can try our Phytopowder drink crystals.

Upkeep Your Property with Amway’s Home Living

Enjoy a fresher air acquainted with the air treatment systems by Amway! Clean water supply happens to be yours with our eSpring Water Treatment, and enjoy the most pleasurable cooking time with all the QUEEN cookware items. Malaysians appreciate our detergents and bleaches for their laundry care, along with dish care products and concentrated washing liquid.

Energy Drinks of Amway

Look into XS, Amway’s own distinctive line of vitality drinks with less sugar to help you improve your energy healthily! Many flavours can be bought in XS, ranging from citrus to berry flavours. Throughout the years, XS has broadened internationally, being released at 57 markets globally. Enjoy XS drinks by Amway now as individual cans or in a pack of six.

Why You Need To Choose Us

Picking Amway is a superb move for you contemplating our premium health products are created using natural and organic recipes backed by scientific studies. Our high-tech home living products are also an upgrade towards your living area. Using Amway’s product range can bring about significant changes in your wellness way of life.

Exactly why is Our Brand Important for Malaysians?

Amway provides several various high-quality products built to serve the consumers of numerous censuses in Malaysia. Our beauty, personal care, engine oil and health items fit people’s wants, while our other lines will cover the requirements of homes. Amway is great for all because it has precisely what we all need, no matter what their age is, marital status and desires.

Introducing DPEM

Daihatsu is just one of Perodua’s key technologies and specialized associates. In September 2014, the two entities entered a joint endeavour and generated the Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM Malaysia) development, with every developing a capital collateral risk of 51% – 49%. The service spans 35 acres of territory, and it is positioned at Sendayan Techvalley, Negeri Sembilan. The plant’s production outputs are engines and their parts for energy-efficient vehicles (EEV).

A summary of DPEM’s Business Surgical procedures

The Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing service can be a powertrain generation hub to enhance neighbourhood content among nearby-constructed vehicles, improving Malaysia’s automotive sector. Casting, machining and set up jobs are completed in the plant, with a recent manufacturing capacity of 18,000 units monthly. DPEM’s clients include Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia, Toyota Assembly Services and Perodua in Malaysia.


DPEM’s Goals and Visions

Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing envisions to become “The Company which Makes Happy People Through Constant Challenge” by scaling up Malaysia’s car business by way of their operations, following the industry’s progressive liberalisation. Besides that, DPEM can also be tapping into many more production possibilities from the ASEAN region, consistent with their motto “Driving Together For a Better Future”.

Precisely What Does DPEM Manufacture?

The Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM) facility supplies motors and motor factors produced from unprocessed components to finished merchandise for Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia, Perodua and Toyota Assembly Services Malaysia. Their merchandise products incorporate crankshaft, tube brain, cylinder obstruct, 1.3L and 1.5L engines for Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV).

DPEM’s Business Quest

Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM)’s Integrated Management System executed excellently in rewarding clients and conserving the environment, more accredited through the Independent European Certification (M) Sdn Bhd. In addition, DPEM aided boost hygienic consciousness to avoid the spread of Covid-19 through CSO routines by releasing experience masks and fingers sanitisers in universities.

How DPEM Grows fastest Among Opponents

Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing’s nearness for the Akashi Kikai production line fosters cooperation among each facility — an important aspect of DPEM’s capacity to offer you generator element alternatives at the wonderful worth to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Equally developing plants and flowers enhance each other to create a powertrain generation centre DPEM Malaysia produces motors and their parts when Akashi Kikai supplies auto and guide transmitting components.

Summary of redONE

As the 1st cellular internet community user (MVNO) in Malaysia to give the most affordable regular monthly commitment postpaid plan, redONE has gained the BrandLaureate Company Branding Accolade and MNVO Service Provider of the Year. redONE now gives postpaid Malaysia and prepaid plans with more telephone calls and info, seeking to expand its surgical procedures to get the largest MVNO in ASEAN.

Incredible Postpaid Plans

redONE offers simple postpaid plans like Amazing58, Amazing38, Amazing8 to cater to your needs and budget. should you need extra data and phone calls, give a redPLAN month-to-month bundle as low as RM8. redONE also provides M2M communication plans for enterprises to analyse and shop details, appropriate for numerous products with assorted consumer information.

Worth Prepaid Plans

redONE provides bother-totally free and inexpensive Prepaid Starter Load up using applicability as much as thirty days. For every RM30 reload, the program features a totally free simpack, such as 10GB of standard internet month-to-month and endless totally free cell phone calls among redONE prepaid figures. In the event, you exhaust your data, buy a leading-up on redONE’s Prepaid App for only RM3 each day.


Value IDD And Roaming Plans

Phone any person on the planet or keep online with redONE’s spending budget-friendly IDD and roaming charges. Get pleasure from reasonably priced costs for repaired-range cell phone calls only RM1.25 every minute and video telephone calls as little as RM0.92 a minute with excellent speech quality, only for redONE postpaid customers. The two prepaid and postpaid customers can also enjoy international roaming costs from RM28 onwards.

Go shopping redONE

redONE’s eStore provides a wide array of extra goods for clients. Acquire mobile phones and home appliances on redMALL with cashless approaches, reduced interest rates and instalment settlement. redCARD offers HSBC’s charge card that entitles new customers for the mobile phone expenses to refund RM300 when redCARE supplies complete AIG vehicle and vacation insurance.

Pathway Your Fiscal Freedom

redONE Telcopreneur Programme delivers the potential for visitors to obtain financial independence. Join as a redONEPreneurSales Consultant and gain extra money by offering redONE’s merchandise. You are eligible for advantages that move your employment progression, including eye-catching incentives, full-time allowance, employees education and free insurance coverage.

Get Assist

Get out for redONE assistance by tracking down our nearest agent at retailers and customer support centres on our website, or talk to a Customer Service representative by way of our Stay chat professional services from 9 am to 9 pm day-to-day. We are also associates with Celcom Axiata to supply our customers with huge and speedy 3G and 4G network insurance coverage across Malaysia.

Move to redONE

redONE’s motto of “Straight back to Basics – everyday life is challenging sufficient” demonstrates our prioritisation of customers’ needs to offer trouble-cost-free and price range-warm and friendly items. Our postpaid Malaysia and prepaid plans provide cost-free telephone calls, additional info, and considerable protection with Celcom Axiata as our community company. Charges are billed transparently while affording worth plans.